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We operate in a number of areas where we continually expand our competencies while working with different clients.
At Aitoros we create solutions that help people in their daily activities. Whether they apply to managing large corporation or solving ordinary consumer problems. Both in B2B and B2C projects we always remember what brought us together –
passion and commitment.
We believe that whatever budget or brand you have, we are able to work on your idea and achieve the goal together.


We write programs tailored to you, listening carefully to your needs

App design

In the mobilefirst world, building loyalty through the application is one of the most important part of marketing. We will help you get started on this route and optimize that.

Web design

If you want to build an aesthetic, modern and simple website that will work flawlessly on every device, we can do this for you.

Brand strategy

We can help you find the right place for your branding communication at every stage of the consumer journey and analyze brand strategies.

Aquarium Assistant

The best app to manage the life of your aquarium.

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