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Whether you want to check the state of the water in the last month, the population of the creatures, or the state of the plants – you’ll find it all in one place. The application works for freshwater, saltwater and shrimp aquariums aswell.
Want to see if the fish you are going to buy is a good choice for your tank? Nothing easier. All information is available in the comprehensive database!

Estimative index

Calculator for fertilization by Estimative Index method

Water parameters, graphs, and parameter correlations

Allows you to save and track multiple parameters of water separately for the distal aquarium type.


Plans for fertilization with the possibility of creating tasks for them.


with all the most important information about your tanks.


Dashboard is displayed as the default application screen. There are recent water parameters, current and upcoming assignments and other information.

Aquarium information

Allows you to view and edit your aquarium data. In addition to basic data such as name and capacity of the aquarium, you will see the latest water parameters added to this tank.

Tasks and fertilization plans

Allows you to create and track all tasks, allowing you to view current, overdue and upcoming tasks. The application automatically recalls tasks and tasks that have not been performed.

Water Parameters

Allows you to save and track multiple parameters of water separately for the distal aquarium type. The configuration allows any parameterization of the entered data separately for each type of aquarium. It is possible to switch off the component, set the correct range, or turn on the timer.
It is possible to check the correlation between test results. The application allows you to graph three freely selected parameters in daily, monthly and weekly time periods.

Animals, Plants, Equipment

Allows you to add and track animals, plants and equipment in your aquarium with the ability to create galleries. Ability to sort records by name, scientific name or purchase date. Plants, animals and equipment can be added manually or imported from the internal database.

Estimative index

Calculator for fertilization by Estimative Index. All settings and parameters for both Macro and Micro fertilizers can be saved to the template for later refinement.

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